Michael Pollan, editor of the Random House Modern Library Gardening Series, asks this question. What other hobby has spawned so much great literature? Knitting, stamp collecting, crossword puzzles? I think not. He comes up with one – fly-fishing.

“Which is probably no accident: for gardening, like angling, engages us with the natural world, as actors rather than passive spectators. Both put us smack on the frontier between nature and culture, which is always an interesting place for a writer to stand. Both literary traditions pose practical and philosophical questions about how we may better go about rhyming our desires with nature’s ways, questions that only grow more urgent with time.”

When I was a librarian, my favorite activity was giving book talks. I’ve belonged to book clubs and garden clubs all my life. I love fiction, especially fiction with a garden theme. I started speaking to garden clubs on garden-friendly fiction. There is an amazing amount of it around. Plant lovers sleuth through the mystery game. They romp through romance novels and play in children’s books.  I’ve found them in every genre.  I love them all and this blog is my chance to share them.